• Andropause • Men Over 50 Years Old

• Andropause • Men Over 50 Years Old
Packaging: 30ml per bottle

"No circulation, no healing, no repair, and no life!" As I, Dr. Tai, age along with my patients, I have become keenly aware of the fundamentals lack of circulation to most parts of our body. Skin, heart, brain, eyes, extremities, and even our libidos require circulation to function at their best.

So what is the natural compound that our own bodies use to maintain healthy circulation? The simple answer is NITRIC OXIDE. This is a natural compound that our bodies make to keep the blood circulating throughout the heart, the brain, and the major organs. Nitric Oxide contributes to the elasticity of the blood vessel walls that allow for the accommodation of our heartbeat as the wave of pressure circulates throughout the entire body keeping the blood elasticity and pliability.

MaxNox is the first unique and proprietary formulation that delivers powerful levels of Nitric Oxide for immediate availability, increasing circulation to the brain, heart, and extremities where the vessel dilation to our head and face, extremities, and large organs is noticeable within the hour of taking MaxNox! You can actually feel the warmth of the skin and slight flushing from the healthy abundance of circulation to the tissues! As a result, an increase in libido and circulation throughout the body is accomplished.

Breakthrough technology in the combination of Arginine, Ornithine, and Citruline at the prescribed ratio and the microencapsulation of the power of liposome allows for delivery and absorption intra cellular availability of these essential ingredients to the immediate formation of Nitric Oxide in our circulation.

MaxNox will last for 24 hours afterwards. Minor transient, flushing, or warmth to the skin is expected and desirable to show the increase circulation from the Nitric Oxide being present in our body within the hour. This is only temporary; the feeling passes away without any side effects.

MaxNox indications:
• Improved libido for male and female.
• Improved circulation of the extremities, to the brain, and to the heart.
• Improved blood pressure, diabetics, glaucoma, Raynaud''s disease and cold hands and feet.

Directions: MaxNox can be taken daily. (1) Dropper full on an empty stomach (3 hours after eating) and do not eat for at least one hour afterwards. Drink only clear water for maximum absorption.