31 Ways to Lose Weight NYC Done Healthy!

31 Ways to Lose Weight  NYC Done Healthy!

1. Have a Tea Party: Drinking tea daily will hydrate you, keep you

feeling full, and give you cancer fighting antioxidants.same

2. Go 80%: Eat to you are 80% full. It takes the brain 20 minutes totonus elast

register that there is no more need for food, so stop at a level 3 of

fullness on a scale of 1-5.

3. Replace your half and half creamer with skim or 2 % milk.

4. Eat an apple before dinner: it fills you up with good for you fiber and

will take the edge off a roaring appetite!

5. Become the King/Queen of Concoctions! Get creative with your

favorite cheat foods. One of mine is nachos with the works. So I use low fat

corn chips, fat free sour cream and low fat cheese instead of the real

stuff. I slash the calories with out feeling deprived.

6. Cut out the Colas! Sip instead a glass of fizzy water garnished with a

7. Instead of one entrée, order 2 small appetizers. Opt for a house salad

with dressing on the side with a bowl of low sodium soup.

8. When the munchies attack, grab healthy chips. Many now are transfat-

free, whole grain, and may be available in low sodium versions.

9. Turn up the tunes! It has been proven that music boosts your mood.

Therefore use it to your advantage. Add your favorite songs to your

workouts to make them more effective and longer, burning more

calories and having fun while you do it!

10. Walk! Its free and keeps you agile, fit, and you can do it anywhere!

11. Replace the candy bowl with a fruit bowl. Vitamin and fiber packed

fruits will fill you up without the guilt of empty calorie candy.

12. Become a substitute! Meaning, instead of a whole fat cheese, use low

fat cheese. Instead of ground beef for your hamburger, use ground

turkey instead. And you can do the same with hotdogs by substituting

the real high fat ones with low fat low sodium turkey hot dogs.

13. Go European with desert: Delight in a plate of fresh seasonal fruits.

14. The more colorful you eat the healthier you are! Well with fruits and

vegetables that is! Aim to eat as many different colors that you can to

make it fun and interesting while keeping all the taste without the

15. Eat healthy fats to lose fat. Focus on walnuts, avocadoes, olive oils,

and fish containing Omega-3 fats. You will shed those unwanted

pounds while feeling full and not deprived.

16. Season your way slim! Instead of butter, salt, oil, and frying foods to

make them taste good, stock up on salt free seasonings and lemon to

make your food taste great without all the unnecessary calories.

17. Go darker! With your salad that is. Instead of the pale iceberg lettuce

that has little nutritional value, switch to dark, colorful greens which

18. Chew your calories, don’t drink them! Instead of guzzling about 300-

400 calories in about 3 gulps (Starbucks anyone?), enjoy chewing and

tasting your calories. And just sticking with water and forgoing those

expensive calorie high drinks you will for sure lose weight.

19. Get grilling and stop frying! Just switching the way you cook or order

food can save you hundreds of calories! Opt for a grilled chicken

salad instead of fried and watch the pounds melt off!

20. Get jumping! It has been proven that jumping rope is one of the most

effective and efficient calorie burners that you can do anywhere!

They are light to pack, fun to use, and jumping rope gives you results.

21. Stop snacking at night. Aim not to eat after 8:00 or 2 hours before

your bedtime. If you do get uncontrollably hungry, have a small

serving of a high fiber cereal with skim milk. This will fill you up

22. Go nutty! Enjoy a handful of raw unsalted almonds or walnuts as a

snack (about 12 pieces). Nuts are both good for you and will cut your

23. Sleep off the pounds! Feeling tired? Then instead of grabbing a

sugary snack to get you going, take a quick 10-20 minute power nap.

You will feel more energized without loading up on calories.

24. Stop stress eating! When you are pressured, do you reach for food?

Start to retrain yourself to solve your problem without the false

25. Don’t commit diet adultery! Cheating means paying for it tomorrow.

Remind yourself that an instant of the lips means months on the hips!

26. Get healthy on the go! Stock up on good for you grab and go foods

like celery sticks, low fat yogurt, and low fat fiber muffins.

27. Set yourself up for success: Pack a gym bag in your car for your lunch

break or for right after work. You will see it and then there won’t be

an excuse not to go to the gym!

28. Prepare! Prepare! And prepare some more! Plan your meal plans for

the next week and do your grocery shopping one time a week and fill

your cart with low fat dairy, vegetables, lean meats, and fruit.

29. Pee off the pounds! Drink lots of water each day flushing out your

system. The water will also make you feel full!

30. Write it down: Keep a food journal and you will be amazed at all the

hidden calories that you are consuming. You will have no more

“forgotten” calories when you start tracking what you eat.

31. Defeat the weekend weight gain! We eat more on the weekends!

Fight this bad habit by getting moving on Saturday. And on Sunday

go ahead and plan your healthy meals for the next work week ahead.

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